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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Heedless gulps and thoughtful nibbles...

Well alrighty then, as they say here in the Midwest.  My last post was nigh on a year ago, and promised I'd be back with a story in a few days.  Errrrrrrrmmmm.  That's sort of embarrassing.  I could just delete that post, and start fresh.  Could, but won't.  So, what happened?

Oh, a major life change happened this year, but that started a bit later in the spring.  What happened in January happened right there in the last post.  I tried to make an internal shift public long before I had grown into it.  I wanted to share events that were far bigger than my understanding, and ideas that were not yet fully integrated into my BEingness.  Does that still sound rather mysterious?

I will eventually tell the story that I hinted at last January, but it will simply unfold in bits and pieces of other stories, I suspect.  It's all about how much bigger we are than our physical bodies, and how amazingly we are connected to others,  so I hope you will wander back soon to see if I've calmed my fears, and started fresh with manageable nibbles rather than the enormous bite that choked me into silence a year ago.  

I'm also gearing up for a move across the country, back to my beloved Oregon, though not sure exactly where I want to settle, nor when the actual move is happening.  It's already been delayed by months, and though I've been packed and ready since early autumn, perhaps there is more to be done in Minnesota before I go than I had planned on, so I've given up guessing at a departure date.  All I know for the moment is that instead of continuing to bemoan this state of limbo, it's time to get on with writing and arting and living where I am.  Including writing here, on this blog.

Happy New Year to you.  I hope you will make the changes you dream of, be easy with yourself when your fears slow you down, and that you enjoy every incredibly interesting moment of every precious day.

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