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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Taking Intuition to Work

Lorine couldn't think why she thought her kitchen arch needed to have a faux brick surround, she just knew it did.  Intuition?  Well, maybe, or maybe just the view from where she drinks her morning coffee! :)))  ...and yes, the plaster "bricks" inside do line up with the bricks outside.  I'm that much of a perfectionist.

For as long as I've done decorative painting in people's homes, I've been aware that there's an intuitive element to what I do, in that the fine details of color and design usually happen without my consciously deciding on them.  Often, without knowing I'm doing it, I'll include some element that nobody ever mentioned, and then find out it's of real significance to the homeowner.  Like putting a cat on a windowsill, not knowing the owner had a cat exactly like that until very recently, or suggesting a mural of Italy, rather than the one of France that the designer specified, only to find out the family just returned from a Tuscan vacation.  Those sorts of things have happened all along.  There's something else that's happened all along, which I noticed, but didn't understand at first, and certainly didn't talk openly about until fairly recently...

TO BE CONTINUED  (sorry!!!)

I'm working on writing that up, but it's gone novella length, so I need to finish it, edit it, and then decide how to break up what's left into blog sized segments.  Give me a few days, and I'll get it figured out.  For now, sign up to receive email updates, so you don't miss these posts, by clicking on the link in the sidebar at left.  While you're clicking things in the sidebar, you have until the morning of January 16th to sign up for the In-Visioning board workshop, so you might want to click on the link to that, as well.

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