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Friday, November 21, 2014

How Art Thou?

What is it that makes your heart sing?  Do you make art, make music, make soup, make books, make speeches or dances or dramas, or maybe you make points pursuing the art of a sport?  Whatever it is that makes your heart sing, I'd like to suggest that you call it art.  What?  You aren't an artist?  Really?  I'm not so sure about that.

Art, according to Webster, comes from the Old English eart, meaning is.  That's all.  Art is what is.  It's also been used from archaic times to the present as the verb "be".  So, how art thou?  How are you?  How are you being in this life?  From the things you do, to the things you make, to the way you do them, make them, and even the way you navigate your day in general, it's all your art.

We've been trained to judge art in this society.  Good art, bad art, fine art, commercial art, high art, outsider art...blah, blah, blah!!!  As far as I can tell, about the only thing these labels do is convince most folks that they aren't artists, have no chance of being an artist, and that art is an elusive thing for the crazy talented...or the just plain crazy.  But how about just the word itself?

What happens if we take our reverence for Art, the concept of Art as a valuable thing, and apply the word to the activities of our lives?  Would you give more value to what you do, if you consider it your Art?  Would you give it more time, more attention, more credit in your daily conversations?  What could happen, if you did?

What could happen is this:  You could find life is richer when the small moments are elevated by the thought that they matter.  You could find that you do your favorite activities with more reverence for the act of doing them.  You could find yourself creating more time in your day for doing the things you really care about.  And why would you care, or why in fact, would care if you do this?

I care because I want you to live the fullest, juiciest, most joyful life possible.  I want that for you, for your own pure pleasure, and I want it for you because when you live big and bold and artfully, you impact everyone you touch.  How you pursue the art of living, how you navigate the simplest moments of your day (even those on the highway, or in the grocery store), that touches every person you come physically or energetically in contact with.  

If you do the things that make your heart sing, that song keeps playing in your soul even when you're doing other things, and if you're mindfully doing those other things as well, there is melody and harmony, and with practice, even rhythm.  That's music, which is art that everyone around you can sing or sway or hum or dance their own artful way.  And does that not sound like Heaven on Earth?

So, how art thou?  What is it that makes your heart sing?  That.  You must have and do and be more of that, for we need your voice in the Divine Chorus of Life.

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